Sunday, August 2, 2009

R.I.P. Baatin of Slum Village

We tragically lost another warrior - so let's remember Baatin y'all. Bump Slums classics!

For those who don't know - Baatin was and is 1/4 of the Legendary Detroit crew of style-sparkers 'Slum Village', but y'all know that already - so raise a glass & remember the work of Baatin.

For those of you who know a bit about Notes' early days - y'all will know how Baatin played a roll in how we connected with our final member of the Notes immediate foursome. For those who don't - we saw Baatin rock Live back in '03, where Dopey happened to open the show that night. Here's an excerpt from an old Notes interview (from '06) that gives you a bit more insight in to why Baatin's energy helped form Notes Four-Strong. Not to mention Slum's obvious influence.

"HHC: The latest addition to Notes to Self is the world renowned DJ Dopey. Dopey, How did you end up connecting with Notes to Self and what are you bringing to the group?

Dopey: I first got down with Notes when I was looking for some talent to put on a mix CD a couple years back. They made me a song called "Live Via Satellite" for the mixtape and it was most def, one of the hotter tracks that made it on to the mix.

Bronze: Hold on Dope, Donks gave you my first 12" at a spot downtown in 2003, and when we officially met at a Baatin performance later that year it was on from get go. Dope and I clicked immediately.

Dopey: Oh yeah that's right, but weren't you making beats for Baatin at that time?

Bronze: Yeah, but things never really came together properly… but that's how Dopey and I connected, so… thanks go out to Baatin."
Interview (SNIPPET) with Notes To Self

By: Robert Bolton at

Originally posted: July 12th 2006
Before all else...

R.I.P. Titus 'Baatin' Glover - condolences to Slum & his Detroit counterparts.
Baatin was def an original in our eyes. Peace & Love.

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