Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mr. Polite with Fashawn

Mr. Polite with Fashawn by NotestoSelf

Mr. Polite

I text EV like "when you in town next, I see your Dude Fash is in Toronto, we should connect". EV hops on Twitter like "Fash meet Bronze, Bronze meet Fash, but on the real Bronze, make sure you take Fash to that Jamaican spot for some roti before you do anything". 3 hours later, Fash rolls a large blunt, passing it to Rosh, and Rosh says "you Cali Dudes and your Blunts" - recalling when EV brought Montage to the crib - at this point I get like 3 beats in, vibing, and Fash exhales, looks at me, and he's like "this is it". By the time I had it looped up, cus the sequence is like an unorthodox eleven and a half bar loop, Fash was already humming the chorus, while trying to fix his phone, woman trying to get at him - he's like "Homies, I'm on the road for real, I'm tired of being, Mr. Polite".

Bang. Song was a wrap. Felt bad too, wrote a classic, yes, but the Jamaican spot was closed.


Artist: Notes to Self

Song: Mr. Polite with Fashawn

Produced by Bronze One (of NTS) for Course of Study & Bookworm (of Beatface)
AKA BOOK & BRONZE for Heart on Sleeve

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Notes to Self collaborates with New Era

Notes to Self collaborates with New Era and releases a series of exclusive 59Fifty caps. New Era teamed up with Notes to Self in 2009 when the group was asked to open for De La Soul's 20 Years & Rising Tour, commemorating De La's classic LP, 3 Feet High & Rising - where NTS began their partnership with NE. Look out for their new Notes to Self project, "Used to be Dark [Recoil]" early December -- as well as watch their new series of fitted caps take shape in new colourways & designs with New Era.

Designed by: Peekay Art Dept and Course of Study Creative
Commercial directed by JR / & Course of Study Creative - -


Monday, October 24, 2011

Notes to Self with DJ Babu - Lick Shots Tour Encore Video

Notes to Self with DJ Babu - Lick Shots Tour Encore Video

The Lick Shots Tour Encore Video captures the Lick Shots Tour between DJ Babu & Notes to Self. Photo and video shot by fans and collaborators chronicles this cross Canada tour over 7 cities. After building with Dilated Peoples on the Yellow & Grey RMX, Babu reached out to work with us. The song Lick Shots was created, serving as the starting point for our eventual tour together.

Lick Shots
Produced by DJ Babu
(Book & Bronze Mix)
Directed & Cut by Ben Young Hart for GREENWOODYARD.COM
Online by JR at MOTIONEER.CA
Shot By: Liner Notes, Ben Young Hart, Poyan Pourshian & Tim Stuart.

Download it now:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ray Ray Malone drops video for "Real"


Our good homie Ray Ray Malone, just released a new video for his street single "Real" produced by the Show Boiz.  Show him some love and drop a comment or like him on fb below.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Here's a link to a lil write up the good folks at wrote about our joint "Lick Shots" with DJ Babu.  This joint was originally for Duck Season 3.5, which never ended up coming out.  I'm really glad it saw the light of day though. One of my personal favorites to perform.  Touring with Babu was a lot of fun man, if you don't know how funny this cat is, google Decon SSXW.  That shit kills me.  SSXW man.