Friday, September 25, 2009


I wish I was still as nice with the graphics as my dudes Parishil are. These guys are the best you'll ever come across. The New Neu Buro Destrukt... PARISHIL (Adam & Alain, shouts to G-Biz plenty too).

They did our final album artwork treatment with me, among a lot of other stuff coming in and out of their studio. It was an amazing collaboration, and experience. And Btw, They finally put Pound Magazine on the map aesthetically too - and ironically before Pound shut down.

But Notes X Parishil are always working... An October collabo is quickly approaching. But can't drop details yet. All I can say is that it all will thoroughly blow your minds. These cats will rep Notes' visual aesthetic alongside our own Elicser as the new decade appraoches. My Dudes are family, and they hold Notes down.

But more importantly - these cats are throwing a final gala-type closing show tonight for their current space - I said TONIGHT! - as they're moving on from the Barbershop Gallery they once worked in / from / for / and built, simply to help put other cats (that you never got a chance to hear about until they set up this official spot) 'on'. But they aren't stopping - just moving on to their next big idea - so regardless - if y'all had never been by their spot, now is your final chance to see it & meet them. Y'all should def come out tonight & support these two very out-going and creative Think-Tanks I went to High School with. These Dudes are without a doubt some organized talent - some OG Boss's in the visual game, if you will.

Peep the show details below. and GO!

Thank You.

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