Friday, October 30, 2009

More Fam, More Fire: THE HEY NOW

Our good good Homie James Reid - also our official in-house video editor (the Dude who pretty much slaves over every edit of every video we've ever put together or posted) is indeed multi-talented - he is in an amazing & reletively new indie-rock band called 'The Hey Now'. They most recently released their debut EP entitled 'Louise' on Oct 16th, and threw a blow-out release party at The Central in Toronto (which due to unfortunate circumstances, we didn't post in time to let y'all know before hand that such a party was brewing, sorry JR).

Thier new lead single 'Louise the Dawn' is really #!@$ing dope, and hopefully gets the push it deserves - and I'm looking forward to possibly doing some remixes for these fellas in the near future - but in the meantime, don't sleep like you do on our blog, and go cop their new EP now. and at the very least, visit their online platforms (where you can obviously get a hold of a copy):

I really dig all of their artwork too - website layout w ills / EP graphics / and most notably, thier new poster designs - all them shits is dope & have that attn to detail - the marriage tween the look of their hand-crafted branding visuals & the classic sound of their music is brillaintly pulled-off I'd say. Apparently, they get up with two attractive young female artists from Toronto who knock out most of The Hey Now's newest visuals - and apparently they also keep it a bit of a secret too cus I couldn't really find any links from THN's platforms revealing who these artists actually were - til I saw a photo of one of their posters on their Facebook Fan page, but it worked word-of-mouth nontheless, so shouts to JR for keeping it fresh & still theirs. The outfit is called 'Beside Herself' and they're doing a helluva job cus their artwork is straight classic:
Dope. Might have to ask James if he doesn't mind me asking them if I can get something done for Notes. Shit.

Good looks on The Hey Now for making good music & connecting with good visual artists to bring it all together. Y'all are making it happen.

Peep their video for 'No Memory' too if you get a minute - James directed & edited it, and it's a tight piece. All shot at 4500 feet in the air, no lie. James is a beast.

Found this on The Hey Now's Facebook Fan page if you're looking for any product:
The Official HEY NOW Louise EP/CD & Louise Poster!!!
Produced by THE HEY NOW
Poster designed and hand crafted by Carolyn + Alda from Beside Herself.
check em out at
Email us if you want product!

So please check out The Hey Now. Don't front. Shit is classic. and Canadian.


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