Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Notes to Self - All of the Above [BBRC] (Official Video)

Feeling like Frontiersman, we grew our beards and arrived in Mactier at 7:30pm. Cold as f*ck. 4 hour drive North. Pitch black outside. Cabin smelled like pine and rosé. Dropped our bags, chose our beds, Bronze took the air mattress. Half hour till the NBA Dunk-Off. Donk was geeked. Flat screen, satellite, middle-of-nowhere. Heats on. Lee is lit. Drunk off Timbits. Blake Griffin jumps over a car. Here to shoot a music video. Eric suggested we charge the equipment. Didn't knock on wood. Inexcusable in a cabin. Power went out. Cold as f*ck. Pitch black inside. Cabin smelled like weed and sulfur. Dropped our plans, went to bed, Bronze froze on the air mattress. 5 hours till daylight. Rosh is lit. Left-over Timbits for breakfast. Last night Blake Griffin jumped over a car. Here to shoot a music video, with Ben to direct. A take on raps pioneers, we planned to wear fur. The events that followed were captured on camera; 'All of the Above' took place. This is a true story. *No animals were harmed in the making of this video. - Notes to Self -- Artist: Notes to Self Song: All of the Above [BBRC] Produced by Bronze One (of Notes to Self) for Course of Study & Book (of Beatface) for Jigsaaw *AKA BOOK & BRONZE for Heart on Sleeve Raps by Roshin, Swamp Donkey & Bronze One (all of NTS) Cuts by DJ Dopey (of NTS) Directed & Edited by Benjamin Young Hart for greenwoodyard.com Concept by Benjamin & Matthew Cinematography shot by Eric Boucher Assistant to the Director: Lee Gaul Online by JR for Motioneer.ca Drawing by Adrian Forrow (adrianforrow.com) Graphics & Treatment by Course of Study Creative & Peekay Art Dept. From the forthcoming Notes to Self project "Used to be Dark [RECOIL]" twitter.com/NNNNNotestoSelf http://notestoself.net/

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